Fotocellula anti-cavallotto range 1100mt Overlapping Photocell range 1100mt

Specifications for Amplifier Built-in Photoelectric Sensor Long Distance Thru-Beam Type
Power Source 12 to 24V ±10%, Ripple P-P: 10% or less
Current Consumption 70 mA or less (Emitter and Receiver)
Response Time 5 ms or less
Modulation Method Pulse Modulation System
Output Ratings Output Method: NPN transistor output with pull-up resister
Max. Sink Current: 80 mA
Impedance: Transistor ON when sensor is in ON state
Approx 4,7k ohms when sensor in on OFF state
Voltage: 1 V or less when sensor is ON state, and (Power Voltage -1.5V)
Operation Indicator Emitter: Power Red LED
Receiver:Output Red LED
Status Green LED
Light Emitting Element Infrared LED
Light Receiving Element Silicon Photo Diode
Extraneous Light Immunity Sunlight: 11000 lx (illuminance on light receiving plane Incandescent Lamp: 35oo lx (illuminance on light receiving plane)
Sensing Distance 1100 mt
Sensing Object Opaque object
Vibration IEC 60947-5-2, part 7.4.2Ø
Mechanical Shock Withstand IEC 60947-5-2, part 7.4.1
Operating temperature -10 to +60°C
Ambient Humidity 35 to 85% RH
Enclosure Protection IP65
Mechanical Specifications Nickel plated brass Lens: Glass