Beijer iX HMI Industrial

Brings the wow factor to the factory floor
Robust and powerful, yet slim, these operator panels provide reliable, industrial-grade hardware features boosted by stable iX software. With the latest, proven technologies at hand, you’ll get stunning graphics and rock-solid performance. An advanced operator interface, surprisingly easy-to-use.

Get the right touch
The touchscreen plays a fundamental role in humanñmachine interaction. Driving screen technology within the industrial field for three decades, our operator panels have all the relevant features for safe touchscreen control.

Resistive touch allows you to operate with a finger, gloved hand or stylus, and offers high resistance to water drops or dust

Safe touch response ensures accurate and reliable operation

Wide screen gives 30 % larger viewing area

Maintenance-free LED backlight display provides a clear screen

Dimmable high-resolution TFT display

68516_24 585x400_ix_rugged_T15BR_push t7a-operator-panel-beijer-electronics-inc