FISCHER DE45 – Digital Differential Pressure Switch / Transmitter

SIL1 IEC61508
SIL2 IEC61511
PLd ISO 13849

The DE45 is a multi-functional switching unit with an optional transmitter output.

It is suitable for measuring overpressure, underpressure and differential pressure in gaseous media.

The device is to be exclusively used for the applications agreed between the manufacturer and user.

Typical applications
• Monitoring of roll filters, extraction systems etc.
• Draft measurement in chimneys
• Flow and control pressure measurements
• Surface coating systems

Important features
• Robust, resistant to overpressure and maintenance-free
• Optional signal output with possibility of characteristic curve spread and reversal with any offset
• Characteristic curve implementation via table with max. 30 measuring points
• 4…6-digit LCD, full graphic, colour backlighting